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Friday 25 August 2023

Goswami Tulsi's ideology shows the way to success in life

 Goswami Tulsi's ideology shows the way to success in life


Sandeep Kumar

 Saint Shiromani Goswami Tulsidas composed many compositions in his lifetime, his couplets are still on the lips of the people.

 His couplets have given good messages to the individual and the society, for example, good lessons are learned from his couplets.   Chairman of Hindi Vikas Sahitya Parishad  Rajesh Pandey said these things while giving presidential address on the occasion of Tulsi Jayanti organized at Shyam Bhawan adjacent to Mahadev  temple.  

Senior citizen Jyoti Raman Jha said that every year the birth anniversary of Tulsidas is celebrated on the seventh day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Sawan.  He said that he was a great poet of Hindi literature.  Goswami Tulsi Das had composed great poetry like Ram Charit Manas.  Tulsi Das's creation made him immortal. 

 On the other hand, Chief Guest Municipal Corporation,  Mayor Arun Rai said that the life of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram has been described in poetic form in Ramcharitmanas.

  He said that Goswami Tulsi Das got a glimpse of Lord Shri Ram.


 Literature lover cum poet  Uday Jaiswal said that Tulsi Das composed Kavitavali, Dohavali, Hanuman Bahuk, Parvati Mangal, Ram Lalla Nahchu, etc. 

 His couplets are relevant even today on the tongue of the people.  

Senior advocate Rishi dev Singh said that Tulsidas's couplets have given good messages to the individual and the society.  

There is a good lesson to be learned from his couplets.


more than a dozen on the spot

  Intellectuals, litterateurs, poets and social workers took part.

  On this occasion, Jyoti Raman Jha Baba, Rishi Dev Singh, Sarojkant Thakur, Pritam Kumar Nishad, Prof. Lal Babu Shah, Prof. Shubh Kumar Varnwal, Bholanand Jha, Dayanand Jha, Vedanand Shah, Vinay Vishwa Bandhu, Gauri Shankar Pandey spoke on Tulsidas and his literature.  , Dhruv Narayan Tripathi, Satyam Parashar, Mohit Kumar and other scholars expressed their views.  Satyam Parashar did the vote of thanks in the programme.

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