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Saturday, 4 June 2022

Auto's front tyre stuck in a broken drain in the middle of the road

 Auto's front tyre  stuck in a broken drain in the middle of the road

 Madhubani :A correspondent.

 The slab placed over the drain in the middle of the city from the bangle market to the west has been broken for a long time.  Let us inform that the driver of the cargo auto did not realize that there was a pit ahead, his balance was disturbed, he could not brake in time, due to which the next wheel got stuck in the pit.  After a lot of effort, the help of the people came out of the auto pit.

   Every day the traffic of innumerable small and big vehicles continues through this road.  So people manage to get out somehow by escaping from the middle pit.  By the way, there is no shortage of problems in this densely populated ward, for example, if one solution is found, then how happy will the people of the city really be.

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