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Friday 7 April 2023

Day of Sacrifice celebrated by Jesus Christ devotees

 --- 40 days before Good Friday, people of Christian community keep fast in their homes.

 ---- Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on this day (cross)

 --- Easter (joy) is celebrated on the third day of Good Friday and on this day Lord Jesus was resurrected.

  There is a need to imbibe the greatness of Jesus Christ, the radiance of love, his sacrifice and noble intention within every human being.

  Correspondent :

Sandeep Kumar

  Madhubani : 40 days before Good Friday, people of the Christian community start praying (Prayer) in their homes, and (Vrat) fasts are kept.  Father Philip of the Catholic Church and Pastor Mani Lal of the Protestant Church said these things at Vardi Bane.

  He said that in the holy month of suffering of Lord Jesus Christ, there is a tradition of donating among the needy according to their ability.

 In this sequence, the Father of the Church said that the Lord Jesus Christ also washed the feet of the common people.

  Which means that there should be a tendency to serve humbly.

 Let us tell that on Thursday in the church premises, the people of the Christian community were carrying palm leaves in their hands.

  During the Shobha Yatra, take a pledge to follow the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ.

 Let's tell that on the occasion of Good Friday, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, all the nations of the world collectively take out a procession in the Catholic Church campus.

  Prayers were offered to Lord Jesus Christ for peace, brotherhood and healthy and long life.  Father Babu, Pappu Pratap, Abha Minz, Sanjit Sinha, Sudhir Murmu, Grace Minz, Santosh, Nensal Bakhla, Mercy Thomas and others were present on the occasion.

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